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Media Cloud

Encode your video and audio files online from any format to any format.

Media encoding for broadcasters and professional content providers

Media Cloud is a full featured, cloud-based media encoding platform. Using our service, you can convert hundreds of types of audio and video formats into many different output formats. You have complete control over the conversion process and integration with your web-enabled control panel.

Media Cloud processing offers high quality media content preparation to reach the growing array of video devices through an efficient turnkey media solution within a secure and open media workflow. Media Cloud include one-stop video and audio content preparation and packaging for multiple platforms and technologies.

What is Media Cloud?

Media Cloud is an online video and audio encoding service. Upload media files to Media Cloud, and start encoding from any video and audio format to any other media format.

Media Cloud provides lots of encoding profiles, cloud media storage, online video editing, and multiple encoding jobs. Enabling media content providers to have full control over their required media codecs and formats.

Why using Media Cloud?

Media Cloud service provides customers with high quality, reliable encoding of video and audio, and provide access to unlimited encoding power, manage and scale expensive hardware and software.

Media Cloud enables video and audio content providers to encode media files and formats online.

How it works?

First, a video or audio file is need to be uploaded to Media Cloud.

Second step is encoding through Media Cloud. The service support and outputs multiple encoding formats.

In the third step, the output is stored in a secure cloud storage location in our servers. Using leading content delivery networks (CDN).

Fastest processing, highest quality, all video formats

Automate your high volume media workflow.
Deploy powerful media services with Media Cloud and never think about speed or scale again.

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