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Radio Cloud

Start your Internet radio station, and stream radio broadcast from any audio source to the Internet.

Stream live and recorded radio broadcast on web and mobile apps

Radio Cloud is a smart and secure Internet radio streaming and scheduling system. Radio Cloud will help you stream Internet radio broadcast to all devices supporting Internet radio playback capabilities such as Internet radio players, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and phones, BlackBerry tablets and phones, Nokia X, and personal computers running Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Radio Cloud user interface is friendly, let’s you drag and drop shows for simple radio program management. Organize and collaborate with producers, DJ’s and radio programmers wherever and whenever they are.

What is Radio Cloud?

Radio Cloud is an online service for streaming live and scheduled radio shows. Upload audio files or connect live audio source to Radio Cloud, and stream back your radio broadcast to Internet radio players, PC’s, tablets, and mobile phones.

Radio Cloud streaming platform provides multiple audio bit-rates, radio station automation, IP white lists, and authenticated syndication. Enabling radio shows content providers to have full control over their Internet radio streams.

Radio Cloud offers intelligent media library, smart criteria blocks, drag and drop media builder, radio program calendar, radio show linking and repeating, live radio show editing, live radio broadcast, radio playout history, listeners statistics, advanced DJ user management, and more.

Why using Radio Cloud?

Radio Cloud streams Internet radio shows to any device supporting Internet radio playback. This includes but not limited to Internet radio players, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and phones, BlackBerry tablets and phones, Nokia X, and personal computers running Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Listeners will be able to access radio shows from anywhere using any device connected to the Internet.

Radio Cloud enables radio broadcasters and radio shows content providers to broadcast audio content and live radio broadcasts on the web, by providing their websites, desktop applications, and mobile applications with Radio Cloud streaming platform.

Why Radio Cloud is the best solution?

Media Management

Intelligent Media Library

Radio Cloud lets you find what your media quickly and easily. Simply drag and drop from the media library to create your shows. Radio Cloud supports MP3, Ogg, WAV, FLAC and AAC formats.

Show Scheduling

Radio Show Scheduling & Repeating

Speed up your radio show programming. Just specify criteria (like genre or last played), and Radio Cloud will populate your criteria block accordingly. Create smart criteria blocks for a series of shows at once, so each linked show has the same criteria but different content.

Live Radio Broadcast

Live Broadcast & Live Show Editing

With Radio Cloud, you can seamlessly transition between your programmed content and live events like an on-location interview or a live DJ set. Radio Cloud also lets you rearrange your schedule on the fly, so you can drop breaking news right into the show that’s currently on air.


Radio Playout History & Listener Statistics

Check your hourly listener stats to see which shows are the most popular. Provide advertisers with data on how many listeners they reached. Radio Cloud lets you export detailed report in multiple formats.

DJ Users Management

Advanced DJ User Management

Assign user roles and permissions. Allocate one or more DJ users to selected radio programmes and let them manage their own recorded media uploads.

Website widgets to embed on your site and mobile apps

Radio Cloud features standalone website widgets that you can embed onto your homepage, blog, or website. No more laborious filling in of external calendars by hand, or lengthy text programs on websites.

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