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Video Streaming Services for Education

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Looking for education video streaming services to integrate on a website? Online video technology has increased the ability to reach, connect with and educate. Teachers and professors can conduct classes and lectures remotely with TV Cloud and VoD Cloud. Special events, such as graduations, can be shared with family and friends around the world. Special Sports teams can also easily broadcast games to local and distant fans.

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TV Cloud and VoD Cloud allows you to broadcast live and recorded educational presentations, graduations, classes, lectures, seminars and sports events. No lengthy set up and provisioning process required. TV Cloud and VoD Cloud provide a complete and integrated system. It includes everything you need to get started and none of the complexity found in similar systems.

Video streaming solutions for education

TV Cloud and VoD Cloud are easy to use. They’re a do it yourself platforms that feature everything integrated.

From a webcam or a professional camera, educational institutions can begin to offer outreach services. This is a powerful tool for extended learning. Security measures built-in prevent download of video content. Geographic restrictions and website restrictions also let you block out unintended viewers. The services let you create a safe learning environment for teachers and students alike.

Most importantly, graduations can be broadcast live. A once in a lifetime event, family and friends can remotely attend from all over the world. They can share in the accomplishment of the graduate even if circumstances prevent them from being there. While proximity can be one reason, limited space can be another. Schools continue to increase enrollment without increasing facility size. Live streaming graduations is an obvious solution to overcome filled auditoriums.

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