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Video Streaming Services for TV & Media

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Looking for video streaming services for TV and general media to share on your own site? Live video streaming over the web can be complex and technically demanding. It often requires investment in expensive equipment, video broadcast software and specialized personnel.
We can help, with an integrated streaming service for live and video on demand streaming. News, shows and other programming can be streamed.

Our solution

With TV Cloud and VoD Cloud; TV stations and video content providers can successfully compete in the new market. The platforms present a white label service. This allows media content distributors to promote their own brand. Multiple channel support allows for a variety of programming. Organizations can focus on both broad and niche audiences at the same time. Through the same interface, it offers robust revenue options through video monetization.

TV Cloud and VoD Cloud video streaming solutions offer everything you need in one integrated platform. Security measures are also in place for your video content. Downloading of video content is disabled. Optional geographic restrictions are also possible. Have exclusive distribution rights for Saudi Arabia only? Geographic restrictions make that easy to setup. Website restrictions are also in place. This prevents rival and unwanted sites from redistributing the content.

Streaming video online for TV

TV stations can also broadcast their content to any audience worldwide. They are not limited by cable or satellite operators’ systems. Forward thinking TV stations can also supplement a traditional channel model. Viewers can tune in for content that is also available on demand to provide added value.

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