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Video Streaming Services for Weddings and Social Events

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Need video streaming services for weddings and social events? Are people in your community missing your social events? Do you lack space or want to increase your outreach to those unable to attend? Have you ever wanted to show your wedding to friends or family whom are on vacation or abroad? What about doing it ad free without distracting or inappropriate advertising?

Our solution

TV Cloud allows you to easily stream your services, community meetings and study groups. You can also rebroadcast important sessions on demand with VoD Cloud. The quick setup process allows you to immediately begin streaming live. and even receive congratulations online. Furthermore, video is delivered ad free. No ads forced on content to detract from the provided social event. TV Cloud and VoD Cloud presents the complete, integrated system with everything you need to make it happen.

Online video streaming for weddings and social events

TV Cloud live video streaming solution offers everything you need in one integrated platform. With TV Cloud, no need to sign deals with major streaming suppliers. All related streaming services are integrated.

TV Cloud and VoD Cloud platforms are also ad free. A white label player is included without company logos or notifications to detract from your social events. A customizable player skin is also provided, so the player can match a wedding or a holiday theme. Streams can also be broadcast directly from Facebook. This allows weddings and social events to tap into existing communities.

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